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Many people experience increasing difficulty with balance and safe mobility as they age, which leads to the common and serious problem of falls. These problems are associated with loss of confidence and decreasing ability to function independently and can lead to the consideration of institutional care. Falls are also a major cause of death in the older population. Fortunately, most causes of falls and instability can be treated successfully, with improved mobility, and fall risk reduced.

How common are falls and balance problems in older persons?

Each year, falls occur in over a third of persons over age 65, and in over half of persons over age 75. About a third of the older population reports some difficulty with balance or ambulation, and this percentage also increases

What are the major causes of falls?

The most common causes of falls include environmental hazards (such as slippery floors and loose rugs), weak muscles, unstable balance, dizziness, vision problems, and side effects from medications (such as dizziness and confusion). Falls increases in frequency and severity after age 75.

How Aureus Home Care’s Fall and Balance program Can Help ?

Aureus Fall Prevention & Balance program has introduced an innovative, life-saving program for Older adults. Fall Risk Screening and Balance Program can determine who is at risk of falling by identifying “risk factors” utilizing the state of art Biosway Computerized Balance System. If a patient is found to be at risk of falling, a series of suggested Interventions can be offered. Biosway Balance System is safe and easy to use; Just stand on the platform, follow the simple directions on the color screen and See the results. In the event that you are found to be at risk of falling there is an array of “Interventions” and exercises that can help you regain your balance and reduce The risk of falling.

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